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Cash in now on the fast growing glamping tourism market. Offer a special destination for all those romantics, city escapists, inspiration seekers, easy riders and nature lovers who cannot find what they are looking for. Add value and appeal to your location with a unique eco village concept and distinctive design. Start your business quickly and benefit from a promising green investment.
Glamping Lushna: Take the best from both worlds, hotels and camping. Have a glamorous evening under the stars.

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Luže 59, 4212 Visoko, Slovenia

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Tuesday 21. March, 2017

Another Lushna #Glamping Petite #Wooden #cabin for 4 person standing this time in the middle of the forest in Queij…

Friday 28. October, 2016

RT @architectsdays: #architecture Lushna Villa Air Tent: Glamping in Style

Friday 28. October, 2016

RT @MrBarry628: I want to live in this... #parkchat #campchat