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Cash in now on the fast growing glamping tourism market. Offer a special destination for all those romantics, city escapists, inspiration seekers, easy riders and nature lovers who cannot find what they are looking for. Add value and appeal to your location with a unique eco village concept and distinctive design. Start your business quickly and benefit from a promising green investment.
Glamping Lushna: Take the best from both worlds, hotels and camping. Have a glamorous evening under the stars.


Investment & development approach

The success of glamping tourism business starts by defining your business objectives, investment possibilities and destination potential. Perhaps your ambitions are to grow slowly or perhaps you believe glamping is a great green investment opportunity where you want swift ROI. Your natural venue and accommodations is just the needed frame to fill with top hospitality, attractive experience packages and activity programs. These experiences bring your guests back and ignite sharing and spreading the word of mouth around the world.

On the basis of our experiences we identified below three common ways of entering into glamping tourism business. These Lushna ways have different development stages and investment approaches.


Lushna Catalog

START in Glamping

Most appropriate for start-ups in glamping tourism that can grow their business organically to full capacity over longer period of time. Like landowners of beautiful natural venues, owners of vineyards, B&B, farms or restaurants who want to diversify and grow their business.

Development stages:

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UPGRADE to Glamping

Best suited for existing destinations like campgrounds, eco hotel resorts, golf resorts, wellness or spa that want to revitalize and increase the value of their existing offer and generate new marketing and sales potentials.

Development stages:

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in Glamping

Best suited for ambitious investors or municipalities who see building ecotourism destinations as opportunity for profitable green investment.

Development stages:

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