Glamping - Lushna Villa Air.

Cash in now on the fast growing glamping tourism market. Offer a special destination for all those romantics, city escapists, inspiration seekers, easy riders and nature lovers who cannot find what they are looking for. Add value and appeal to your location with a unique eco village concept and distinctive design. Start your business quickly and benefit from a promising green investment.
Glamping Lushna: Take the best from both worlds, hotels and camping. Have a glamorous evening under the stars.

Lushna Villa Air

Bright and airy bedroom in nature. Lushna Villa Air is unique beach hut with fresh and modern design. This wooden tent offers all the comforts the people are missing in the tent, like king size bed, lighting, AC/DC plugins and mosquito net. Ideal for summer destinations. Easy to set up on sandy beaches with our Ground Screw Foundations without any hassle or damage to the environment.

luxury beach hut tent camping luxury beach hut tent camping


  • King size bed
  • Lighting and AC/DC plugins
  • Mosquito net on both sides
  • Unique design with double tent canvas for ventilation
  • Waterproof roof canvas
  • Customized roof canvas texture (colour printing on canvas)*
  • “Ground Screw Foundations” - concrete free foundations solution*
  • Fast delivery and assembly
  • Low investment cost
  • 2 years warranty on textile

luxury beach hut tent camping


  • Fresh, airy & bright
  • Designed for warm climate maximizing natural ventilation
  • Intimacy level control with textile curtain
  • Variability of use (1 King size bed / 2x individual).
  • Total contact with environment opening both facades
  • Sustainable concept design and minimal impact on surrounding.
  • Exterior dimensions 4 x 4 x 3,60 m

luxury beach hut tent camping


  • Structure and floor deck in spruce Wood.
  • Triangular frames made of larch Wood special for exterior
  • Waterproof organic cotton roof canvas
  • Organic cotton bed garnitures*
  • Eco–latex mattresses*
*Some features are included only in Eco comfort package

luxury beach hut tent camping
luxury beach hut tent camping luxury beach hut tent camping

Innovative technology for

Fast Assembling & Delivery

We merged traditional knowledge of wood construction with modern design, manufacture and functionality. Lushna top quality pre-fabricated, fully equipped modular cabins and other facilities are manufactured off-site in standard sections for easy delivery and quick assembly on locations all over the world.
Lushna products are always built fast, simple and smart with almost no physical impact on the building site. The construction process does not disturb destinations everyday functioning and can be carried out even during the high season. Units can be delivered fully equipped with furniture, lighting, mattresses, bedding even house numbers or names, meaning they can be put straight into operation. Lushna Villas are mobile dwelling units and can even be installed without prebuilt foundations.

luxury beach hut tent camping luxury beach hut tent camping


Quality Eco Materials

We use only durable, ecological and nature friendly materials. They age gracefully. All Lushna products are made from natural and ecological materials like untreated wood of best quality and local origin, eco insulation, modern ecological textiles and traditional roof materials like wood, stone or modern green roof. Lushna products reduce CO2 emissions considerably. The carbon footprint of Lushna Villa is -2774 kg CO2.

Due to use of top quality proven materials and well designed and tested construction logic in all our products, we can offer guarantee of up to 10 years on construction, 5 years guarantee on the roof and 2 years guarantee on textile elements. Lushna technology is focused on quality, energy efficiency, waste reduction and fast delivery.


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