Development services

We transform your glamorous natural location into attractive ecotourism destination and guide you on your way from start to finish.

We plan and implement the development of your ecotourism business from the start to finish. From exploration of destination potential, setting up your site and building unique eco pods, to creating experience packages your guests will love. We guide you through costs, benefits and organization plan to get the most out of your investment. We help develop your distinctive destination brand and support implementation.

We guide you from uncharted location to glamorous tourist destination.

Our Lushna turnkey solution approach is unique in the world of tourist destination development. We guide you through all stages of development, save your money and time entering the glamping business. 

Vision and site potential

We start by introduction of co-natural and glamping business specifics and about our development process. We proceed with a assessment of the site potential.

We invite the stakeholders and the development / management into the facilitated workshop to explore and outline the vision, business goals and agree on the flow of project execution.

Unique destination story

We identify the strong points and the main obstacles for the development and transform them into opportunities. We analyse the broader communications environment, the existing tourist offer and apply statistics to the objectives.

We identify the potentials and resources in the local environment. We point the essence of the destination and conjure Unique destination story with the creative solution guidelines.

All about emotional impact

Aiming for high guest emotional impact and considering all elements of the destination, design begins by programming the entire guest experience—from arrival to departure. This outline drives the physical design and service concept to ensure delivery of the scripted experience.

We check the preliminary feasibility of the project. We design solution for sustainable business - viable and financially attractive project.

The design of space

Our services include architectural, interior, and landscape design.

We design the spatial solution around the unique destination story and experiential design with a focus on local specifics, permitting and zoning. Environmentally and socially responsible best practices are instilled throughout the design phases. We provide urbanism, architecture layouts, sections and layouts of the dwelling units on the conceptual level. We provide 3d visualisation renders and photomontages and references for better understanding of proposed solutions.

Infrastructure and landscape

This is the part where the destination finally takes shape.

The hospitality objects and infrastructure get build, all the promotional materials are ready to start inviting people, sales tactics and mechanics are prepared, business partners and destination personnel are getting chosen. After this part destination can start running. We can help with all support.

Operations Support & Management

We can provide a tailored array of services to support remote resort operations, such as: proforma, staffing models, logistics processes, standard operating procedures, medical/safety protocols, guide training, route mapping, technical operations manuals, pre-opening, and ongoing asset management.