Eco cabins

Unique lodging inspired by Nature and Tradition. Designed to bring the most intimate bond to nature.

Best massive wood, distinctive glass wall and openness towards surrounding give our products a strong visual identity. Lushna eco cabins are as glamorous as the views they offer. They come with everything you need - nothing more, nothing less – but give the most space to glamorous experience of nature.

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Production workshop

Innovative technology for Fast Assembling & Delivery.

No compromise on quality. The attention to detail. The touch and smell of natural materials. Eco wood fibre insulation for all seasons and all environments.

We merged traditional knowledge of wood construction with modern design, manufacture and functionality. Lushna top quality pre-fabricated, fully equipped modular cabins and other facilities are manufactured off-site in standard sections for easy delivery and quick assembly on locations all over the world.

Design Lab

Custom designs best natural materials and can be tailored to the location's theme or identity

From joga pavilions and floating bungalows to embedded hillside suites and rammed earth villas. We collaborate with clients to fantasize and execute truly unique architectural statements in nature’s most breathtaking yet demanding locales.

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