Lushna Suite PopUp

This comfortable and spacious boutique glamping cottage is designed for fast assembly at festivals and popup events.

Wooden loft in nature.

A complete glamorous experience in nature with the comfort of a hotel suite.

Designed for the most demanding glampers, festival goers and comfort seekers in nature who search for an intimate space. The central-space is occupied by a king size bed perfect for romantic indulging with the view on ever-changing drama of mother nature. Lushna Suite Pop-up is equipped with shower and toilette.

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Loft in nature
Full panoramic glass doors
The luxury of space
King size bed as a centre of life


Prepared for fast popup assembly
Modular bathroom unit in one piece
Boutique glamping popup cottage
Wooden walls for cottage feeling and safety


Durable roof canvas, wooden walls and floors
Breathable, fire-retardant roof fabric
Wooden walls and floors
Light insulation

Eco foundations fast to install

Eco foundations fast to install
We are recommending and installing ecological Krinner Ground Screw Foundation System.

With these steel galvanised foundations, we eliminate the need for concrete foundations and any ground preparation from the clients’ side. Ideal for slope terrains up to 10 degrees.

We install the screws into the ground, level the top and place and connect our units onto them. If necessary the foundations can be also easily removed with no permanent damage to the landscape. 

Delivery and installation

Delivery and installation
One-piece modular bathroom with simple structure and wall system for fast assembly.

Lushna Suite Popup is ideal for popup venues such as festivals or other events. We gave a special attention to the construction elements so it can be assembled and disassembled fast and moved to the other venue if necessary. The unit is easy to set up on with included steel leg bases on levelled terrains or pre-prepared foundations.

Once on location we first position the bathroom units on pre-prepared foundations and then we build the wooden structure with wall panels and the canvas roof around the bathroom. For assembly we need a telescopic forklift.

Units can be delivered fully equipped with furniture, lighting, mattresses, bedding even house numbers or names, meaning they can be put straight into operation. 

Construction material

TenCate Campshield® robust, flame retardant, breathable canvas

We are using TenCate Outdoor innovative breathable fabric with inherently flame-retardant properties. The fibres in this tent canvas provides extra safety and protection. The fabric is resistant to scorching, annealing and sparks. It is robust, flame retardant, breathable, sustainable and moisture regulation ability.

Technical description:
- Material: PPAN-fr/CV/PVA-fr/PVA
- Weight: 420 gr/m2
- Watercolumn: 40 cm
- Finish: water, mildew and dirt repellent

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Guarantee of up to 10 years on construction, 5 years guarantee on the roof and 2 years guarantee on textile elements.

Due to use of top quality proven materials and well designed and tested construction logic in all our products, we can offer guarantee of up to 10 years on construction, 5 years guarantee on the roof and 2 years guarantee on textile elements. Lushna technology is focused on quality, energy efficiency, waste reduction and fast delivery.

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