Lushna Aframe Air

Lushna Aframe Air

Bright and airy bedroom in nature with a fast assembly.

Unique summer popup glamping pod with fresh and modern design.

This wooden tent offers all the comforts the people are missing in the tent, like a king-size bed platform, wooden floors, lighting, electrical plugins and mosquito net. Ideal for pop-up venues and summer destinations. Fast assembly and easy to set up with included steel leg bases on levelled terrains.

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Hotel bed on a wooden platform with electrical plugins
King size bed
Both side opening with mosquito net
Flat-pack delivery and fast assembly


Remarkable A-frame design
Glow in the dark
Double roof natural air conditioning
Construction lifted from the ground


Durable outdoor canvas and wooden floor deck
Breathable, fire-retardant outdoor fabric
Wooden structure and floors
Wooden exterior frames

Eco foundations fast to install

Eco foundations fast to install
We are recommending and installing ecological Krinner Ground Screw Foundation System.

With these steel galvanised foundations, we eliminate the need for concrete foundations and any ground preparation from the clients’ side. Ideal for slope terrains up to 10 degrees.

We install the screws into the ground, level the top and place and connect our units onto them. If necessary the foundations can be also easily removed with no permanent damage to the landscape. 

Delivery and installation

Delivery and installation
Flat-packed delivery with instructions for your manual assembly.

Lushna Air is ideal for popup venues such as festivals or other events. We gave a special attention to the construction elements so it can be assembled and disassembled fast and moved to the other venue if necessary. The unit is easy to set up on with included steel leg bases on levelled terrains or pre-prepared foundations.

We can deliver up to 4 units flat-packed in one box. If there is a need for larger number of units the parts can be stacked on the racks and transported around the venues in a truck.

Every unit is equipped with step-by-step assembly manuals to make the assembly even easier. 

Construction material

Breathable and robust exterior poly-cotton material specifically designed for luxury glamping tents

Our exterior canvas is made from an optimal mix of 50% cotton and 50% polyester. The material is very robust with 420 g/m2 and added polyester provides extra strength and durability. The breathability and moisture management properties of cotton are complemented by the added strength and durability of polyester for intensive use, without sacrificing a natural feel. 

Technical description:
- Material: Polycotton 50% polyester / 50% cotton
- Weight: 420 gr/m2
- Water column: 45 cm
- Finish: repellent to water, mould and dirt

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Guarantee of up to 5 years on construction, and 1 year guarantee on textiles.

Due to the use of top quality proven materials and well-designed and tested construction logic in all our products, we can offer a guarantee of up to 5 years on construction, and 1 year guarantee on textiles. Lushna technology is focused on quality, energy efficiency, waste reduction, and fast delivery.

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