Lushna Suite Mezzanine cabin

Lushna Suite Mezzanine cabin

Wooden duplex in nature. A complete glamorous experience in nature with a mezzanine floor bedroom.

Designed for the most demanding guests who search for an intimate space. The central-space is occupied by a king size bed perfect for romantic indulging with the view on ever-changing drama of mother nature. Lushna Suite is equipped with shower, toilette, and functional kitchen.

Suite MEZZANINE LUX version has additional mezzanine bedroom floor. Or you may prefer Suite GLASS version with a central glass island bathroom which brings different experience of living space and a contemporary touch or you can select Suite LUX version with more spacious bathroom and kitchen.

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Lushna Suite Mezzanine cabin Lushna Suite Lux Lushna Suite Glass


Seamless connection to nature
Panoramic glass patio doors
Solid wood interior and exterior
The luxury of space


Mezzanine A-frame bedroom
Triangular window wall
Symmetry and attention to details
2 + 2 pax sleeping option


Fully functional kitchen and bathroom
Separate bathroom and kitchen rooms
Living room or another bedroom option
Four seasons product

Eco foundations fast to install

Eco foundations fast to install
We are recommending and installing ecological Krinner Ground Screw Foundation System.

With these steel galvanised foundations, we eliminate the need for concrete foundations and any ground preparation from the clients’ side. Ideal for slope terrains up to 10 degrees.

We install the screws into the ground, level the top and place and connect our units onto them. If necessary the foundations can be also easily removed with no permanent damage to the landscape. 

Delivery and installation

Delivery and installation
We merged traditional knowledge of wood construction with modern design, manufacture and functionality.

Lushna top quality pre-fabricated, fully equipped modular cabins and other facilities are manufactured off-site in standard sections for easy delivery and quick assembly on locations all over the world. Lushna cabins are always built fast, simple and smart with almost no physical impact on the building site.

Units can be delivered fully equipped with furniture, lighting, mattresses, bedding even house numbers or names, meaning they can be put straight into operation. 

Construction material

WOODSMART® construction system with Eco wood fibre insulation

WOODSMART® construction system is the basic construction system for the construction of prefabricated cabins Lushna. The basic support structure is insulated with 120 mm Eco wooden fibers and together with the highly breathable membranes enables high energy saving and good comfort throught 4 seasons. With all natural materials and highly breathable membranes we provide excellent fire and sound protection and a pleasant living environment.

Technical description
01   Interior spruce wood cladding oiled  19 mm
02   Vapor stop control layer   0,3 mm
03   Eco wooden fibers insulation    120 mm
04   Light-frame wooden structure 120 mm
05   OSB wooden plates  12 mm
06   Highly breathable membrane resistant to UV rays    0,3 mm
07   Larch wood vertical and horizontal battens 60 mm
08   Exterior Larch wood cladding 19 mm



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Guarantee of up to 10 years on construction, 5 years guarantee on the roof and 2 years guarantee on equipment.

Due to the use of top quality proven materials and well-designed and tested construction logic in all our products, we can offer a guarantee of up to 10 years on construction, 5 years guarantee on the roof and 2 years guarantee on equipment. Lushna technology is focused on quality, energy efficiency, waste reduction, and fast delivery.

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