Sauna in the woods Sauna in the woods Sauna in the woods Sauna in the woods Sauna in the woods Sauna in the woods

Sauna in the woods

This custom design for a private owner presented quite a challenge for our development team. But we are greatly satisfied with the result.

The client requested to have a Lushna Petite shape sauna without our standard bathroom along with a wood-burning sauna heater. He also had well-defined ideas about interior design changes and on top of that, he wanted the sauna delivered to a steep and hard to reach mountain area. 

Making the cabin shorter than standard size already presented the first challenge, but installing a wood-burning sauna heater instead of our usual electric heater proved to be even more challenging. We had to change and recalculate the whole structure and change the complete layout of the cabin. We gave special attention to the selection and installation of the wood-burning sauna heater as safety against fires is utterly important in a wooden cabin. We went for the HARVIA 22 heater with 24 KW and included a 20 l water boiler to use the sauna as a water heater for the bathtub in the lounge area.

We had transformed the sleeping area and a bed platform to a resting area with lying benches and a concealed bathtub that can be used or covered to gain more space. The client requested a rustic dark oak interior cladding which made the resting room really sophisticated and along with a landing piste LED lighting created a special design feature.

The delivery could be a Discovery channel documentary project and something that you don't see every day. But with a helpful and understanding client, we made the project one of our favourites. 

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